What do you think of when I say “high performance computing?” If you are like most people, you think parallel computing, distributed computing, maybe eggheads with specialized knowledge in computer science – esoteric knowledge and tools for a few large institutions with deep pockets. But what if I told you high performance computing was accessible to almost anyone, requiring no advanced programming or computer science training?

Big Denominator provides simple, yet powerful tools for individuals and companies of all sizes to successfully design, build, and run ultra-fast, high performance applications without advanced programming or computer science training. Frankly, our goal is to democratize high performance computing.

Traditionally, developing high performance, enterprise applications has required a great deal of expertise outside of a company's core competency – synchronizing multiple simultaneous calculations (thread management), optimizing the memory profile (cache memory management) and managing communication among the calculations and input/output data repositories. It is expensive – whether in terms of dollars or time - to develop or hire expertise that is neither core nor strategic to most firms.

Moreover, project management and software development boil down to a game of telephone between the users and the developers – two groups that rarely speak the same language or think the same way. What if we could eliminate the game of telephone and give users the tools to design, build, and run high performance of their own, with essentially basic programming experience? Components can be designed and developed independently and still come together at runtime with low latency and high throughput. A single line of code is all each team need “publish” to the other teams.

The Big Denominator platform allows customers of all sizes to focus on their core business models and core competencies, leaving all the application “glue” to us. Applications built using our tools

  • Run reliably with ultra-high performance;
  • Harness the full power and capabilities of modern hardware;
  • Are highly scalable – from a single workstation to a large computing grid; and
  • Are extensible – add new models, components, and even workflows without recompiling or changing existing components.

We empower people and institutions to unlock their own expertise. Who wants to join us?